Sunday, April 1, 2012

What is Like Shopping for Shoes all about? What is the must-have conversation?

Like Shopping for Shoes explores the differences and similarities of shopping for shoes and shopping for relationships. We speak openly and routinely about our shoes to anyone who will listen. If we found a great sale on shoes, we would tell a total stranger without hesitation. If our shoes were uncomfortable, everyone within listening distance would know. Our children spend countless hours on line shopping for the perfect shoe. Some websites allow their shoppers to custom design their own pair, at a higher price, of course.

As parents, we are always talking to our children about which shoes to wear and which shoes to discard. We poke and prod at their footwear to ensure a good fit. We demand they take them off when they stink or become unattractive. If the shoes hurts their feet, we take action! We return them to the store, get rid of them, and/or buy them a new pair. We are relentless in our efforts to protect their feet. Indeed, most of us, are very selective about shoes.

So, why can't the same be said of our efforts to protect our children, teens, young adults, siblings, relatives and friends from unhealthy relationships. When did it become taboo to talk about today's dating rules and healthy relationships? How do we engage in a meaningful way to discuss these essential topics? How do we offer help to those who will not admit that they have a need? How do we educate those who are not seeking education on this topic? Sometimes, it is the ah-ha moments that awaken us to see the truth.

Like Shopping for Shoes provides the tools to start a must-have conversation. The conversation can start with the game, on twitter, or on this blog. It doesn't matter where it starts, it only matters that we all start talking about healthy versus unhealthy relationships. It is time we dedicate as much time and preparation to teaching one another about safe dating rules and healthy relationships, as we do about selecting a pair of shoes.

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